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Subject: Re: Can git pull from a mercurial repository?

On 09/18/2012 01:22 PM, Joachim Schmitz wrote:
Is there an easy way to get git to clone/pull from a Mercurial repository?

Yes. Google "git remote helpers" and you'll most likely find it.

Well, I found a few. No idea how to get them to work though (so far for the 
'easy' part of my question)

It seems https://github.com/rfk/git-remote-hg requires Python 2.5 (and I only 
have 2.4), also I have no idea how to get it installed
https://github.com/SRabbelier/git is 3 years old, apparently never made it into 
git, guess for a reason?
Then I found https://github.com/fingolfin/git/commits/remote-hg, looks very 
confusing to me...

Install a newer python and hg
Are you really sure, that python 2.5 doesn't exist for your machine?
Most non embedded devices should  offer python 2.5 or newer
(for some distros you just have to add 'alternative' repositories)

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