On 26.09.2012, at 09:38, Georgi Chorbadzhiyski wrote:

> Around 09/25/2012 05:15 PM, Max Horn scribbled:
>> I think there is a lot of demand for a "git-hg" bridge, a way to seemlessly 
>> access a Mercurial repository as if it was a git repository. A converse to 
>> hg-git <http://hg-git.github.com/>
> I've already mentioned this, but such a tool already exists and it
> is working very well (IMHO): http://offbytwo.com/git-hg/

I guess this is a matter of perspective. It doesn't work at all for me because 
it does not really support pushing. (It does have a "push" command, but at 
least last time I looked, it was utterly broken; see also 
<https://github.com/dubiousjim/yagh/blob/master/Backends.md> for a discussion 
(not written by me!). I'd be happy to learn that has changed, though I just 
looked, and it still uses "hg convert", so I don't see how it possibly could 

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