Jeff King <> writes:

> We've talked off and on about extending the --pretty=format specifiers
> to something more flexible. There's also been talk recently of more
> flexible commit-filtering (e.g., grepping individual notes).

Mercurial has a similar thing, which can be a source of inspiration:

On the one hand, if find it a bit overkill to have a full language for
this, but on the other hand, it allows expressing easily and explicitely
boolean operators.

I would find

  git log 'grep(foo) or grep(bar)'

very intuitive and elegant, while I never know whether

  git log --grep=foo --grep=bar

is a OR or a AND (there was a patch recently to clarify the doc).

Note that Mercurial's version seem to really act on sets of commits, not
just individual commits, as it allows things like

  hg log -r 'sort(date("May 2008"), user)'

or the equivalent of git's negative revision argument :

  "x - y"
      Changesets in x but not in y.

So it would be more a new "git log --filter='some expression'", not a

Matthieu Moy
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