Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Jeff King <> writes:
>> We've talked off and on about extending the --pretty=format specifiers
>> to something more flexible. There's also been talk recently of more
>> flexible commit-filtering (e.g., grepping individual notes).
> Mercurial has a similar thing, which can be a source of inspiration:
> On the one hand, if find it a bit overkill to have a full language for
> this, but on the other hand, it allows expressing easily and explicitely
> boolean operators.
> I would find
>   git log 'grep(foo) or grep(bar)'
> very intuitive and elegant,...

You have to be careful with "grep", though.  It would be unclear
what "and" there would mean if you replaced your "or" with.

Peff's earlier examples e.g.

  git log --lua-filter='
      author().name.match("Junio") &&

  git log --lua-filter='return subject().len > 100'

are clearly good ones that illustrate the power of filtering.
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