I often find myself attempting to examine another repository,
especially in projects that are closely related but put in different
git repos. It's usually just a diff or log command

git log --patch ../path/to/another/repo/path/to/file.c

cd'ing out is nuisance for one-shot commands, even setting --git-dir
is because i'd need to repeat the path. I think when we detect paths
outside repository, we could try to discover new repository that
contain those paths, the adjust $GIT_DIR internally to the new

We can't do that now because .git repository and "path outside
repository" check occur in two separate stages, the latter after .git
is discovered and .git can't be moved once discovered. We might be
able to move "path outside repo" check up to discovery phase. But that
could be big change.

Does anybody want such a feature, or it's just my itch? It's probably
not worth doing because few people need it.
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