Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> writes:

> I often find myself attempting to examine another repository,
> especially in projects that are closely related but put in different
> git repos. It's usually just a diff or log command
> git log --patch ../path/to/another/repo/path/to/file.c

I personally do not think it is _too_ bad to internally do

        (cd ../path/to/another/repo/path/to &&
         git log --patch file.c)

but I doubt it is worth the numerous implications (I am not talking
about implementation complexity at all, but the conceptual burden).

For example, where in the working tree of the other project should
the command run?  The output from "log -p" happens to be always
relative to the top of the working tree, but that does not
necessarily hold true for other subcommands.

A worse thing is that there is an oddball case "diff[ --no-index]"
that changes behaviour depending on the pathspec points at inside or
outside the repository.

I think that this is a road to insanity; anybody who thinks along
this line is already on the other side of the line, I would have to
say ;-).
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