Eric Wong wrote:

> It should probably just return the root path ("c:/" and
> ""; respectively).

That means recognizing drive letters and URLs.  Hm.

Subversion commands seem to use svn_client_args_to_target_array2
to canonicalize arguments.  It does something like the following:

 1. split at @PEG revision
 2. check if it looks like a URL (svn_path_is_url).  If so:

    i.   urlencode characters with high bit set (svn_path_uri_from_iri)
    ii.  urlencode some other special characters (svn_path_uri_autoescape)
         (that is: [ "<>\\^`{|}])
    iii. (on Windows) convert backslashes to forward slashes
    iv.  complain if there are any '..' (svn_path_is_backpath_present)
    v.   make url scheme and hostname lowercase, strip default portnumber,
         strip trailing '/', collapse '/'-es including urlencoded %2F,
         strip '.' and '%2E' components, make drive letter in file:///
         URLs uppercase, urlencode uri-special characters


    i.   canonicalize case, handle '..' and '.' components, and make
         path separators into '/'
    ii.  strip trailing '/', collapse '/'-es except in UNC paths,
         strip '.' components, make drive letter uppercase
    iii. deal with "truepath collisions" (unwanted case
    iv.  reject .svn and _svn directories

Maybe we can use apr_filepath_merge() to avoid reinventing the wheel?
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