Eric Wong wrote:

> Ideally, yes.  Is there an easy way to access that from Perl? (and
> for the older versions of SVN folks people are running).

Subversion's swig bindings only wrap a few apr functions and do not
depend on fuller apr bindings.

Something like svn_dirent_is_under_root() could be useful.  It uses
whatever base path you choose.  I haven't tried using base_path=""
yet.  New in Subversion 1.7, but that would be ok --- an imperfect
fallback for older Subversion versions would be fine.

Unfortunately, from swig/core.i: "SWIG can't digest these functions
yet, so ignore them for now. TODO: make them work."

svn_client_args_to_target_array2() is exposed and would probably be
perfect.  I can't seem to find how to create an apr_array_header_t
to pass as its first argument, alas.

> Perhaps we can expose equivalent functionality in git via
> git-rev-parse instead?

It might be possible to add a git-svn--helper command that links to
libsvn or apr, but ick.  The trouble is it's not clear at all how
Subversion's perl API was *designed* to be used.

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