Simon Oosthoek <> writes:

> I read the guide and now I have some questions:
> - It suggests to use the oldest commit that contains the "bug" and can
> support the fix. This would be the very first mention of __git_ps1
> function I think commit d3d717a4ad0c8d7329e79f7d0313baec57c6b585

You could claim that the lack of coloring is a bug, but nobody
complained about it so far (and I personally hate coloring in
prompts as they are distracting noise, and would reject a patch if
it weren't made conditional), so I would think this is more about
"adding a feature the users can choose to use but they do not have

We do not usually add new features to maintenance tracks, so the
result of applying the patch does not have to be merge-able to maint
or amything older.  I would base the patch on v1.7.12 (the latest
stable release) if I were you.

> - I read that is meant to support bash and zsh, I have
> only tested it on bash. Should I attempt to test it on zsh or is there a
> kind person with zsh as his/her shell to test it for me?

That is something you should ask on list, like you did here, but the
most effective way to do so is do so when you send a patch you
worked on and tested with bash.  Say "I've tested it only with bash;
can you please take a look?" and Cc the folks you find in the output
of "git log contrib/completion/" who worked on making it workable
with zsh.
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