On 09/27/2012 10:53 AM, Michael J Gruber wrote:

 From trying myself, I'm convinced that you need a clever combination of
PROMPT_COMMAND and PS1 to make this work. Setting PS1 in PROMPT_COMMAND
is probably a no-go because that makes it difficult to customize PS1. I
have something in the works which reproduces the current prompt but need
to clean it up further. The actual coloring would require setting a lot
of variables which communicate data from PROMPT_COMMAND to PS1, and I
actually don't like that.

An alternative approach would be:

- Tell users to activate git prompt by doing something like

PROMPT_COMMAND='__git_prompt "[\u@\h \W (%s)]\$ '

rather than the current

PS1='[\u@\h \W$(__git_ps1 " (%s)")]\$ '

- set PS1 from __git_prompt

I'm not sure about the performance implications of re-setting PS1 on
(before) each prompt invocation, though. Would that be OK?

After some research, I completely agree with your assessment!

I don't think the performance issue is that big and it's the only way to get the colors in there without messing up word wrapping.

I'm afraid that either this will need a new function just to get the coloring hints or that it will break the usage of __git_ps1 entirely (if you'd require the user to use it as PROMPT_COMMAND instead of via PS1)

And I suppose this will not be compatible with zsh?


PS, I'd rather have colours with wrapping issues, than no colour hints. But I realise this has to be fixed before inclusion into the main tree.

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