On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 10:09:28AM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > +--reflog-message=<pattern>::
> > +   Limit the commits output to ones with reflog entries that
> > +   match the specified pattern (regular expression). Ignored unless
> > +   --walk-reflogs is given.
> > +
> I am debating myself if it is sane for this option to have no hint
> that it is about "limiting" in its name.  "--author/--committer"
> don't and it is clear from the context of the command that they are
> not about setting author/committer, so "--reflog-message" may be
> interpreted the same, perhaps.

I also found the name confusing on first-read. While "--author" is an
example in one direction, the fact that "--grep" is not called "--body"
is a counter-example.

I'd much rather see it as "--grep-reflog" or something. You could also
do "--grep-reflog-message", which would match a later
"--grep-reflog-author", but I am not sure anybody would want the latter,
and it makes the current name a lot longer.

I actually think just checking the reflog when we call "--grep" would
the most common workflow, and requires no extra work from the user.  My
only hesitation is that if somebody _does_ want to distinguish, there's
no escape hatch. Of course, the reflog walker is already full of such
weird conflations (e.g., the rewriting of parent and date information).

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