Jeff King <> writes:

> I actually think just checking the reflog when we call "--grep" would
> the most common workflow, and requires no extra work from the user.  My
> only hesitation is that if somebody _does_ want to distinguish, there's
> no escape hatch. Of course, the reflog walker is already full of such
> weird conflations (e.g., the rewriting of parent and date information).

Yes, that reasoning more-or-less matches the reason why I said we do
not necessarily want to go "fancier".  But "log -g" output already
makes it fairly clear that the additional information is not part of
the regular log and is a some header-like thingy, so I actually am
OK with --reflog-grep and --grep being different.

The output from "log --show-notes", on the other hand, is even more
conflated and a casual user would view it as part of the message, so
I would imagine that if we ever do the extention to cover notes
data, the normal "--grep" should apply to it.

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