Simon Oosthoek <> writes:

> It's possible to set PS1 to nothing and print a string from
> PROMPT_COMMAND, but then you miss out on all the features of the PS1
> interpretation by bash and compared to the use of __git_ps1 at the
> moment, it has to put out quite a different string. Because if you like
> to see user@host+workdir (git-status)[$#]
> the current users of __git_ps1 say PS1="\u@host+\w $(__git_ps1 "%s")\$
> ", but all __git+ps1 has to put out is "(branch)" or "(branch *)", etc.
> If it has to print the same prompt in PC mode, it has to add all the
> user/host/workdir/[$#] data as well, withouth being able to use the bash
> internal interpretation (because that is only working when PS1 is set).

The longer I read your explanation, the less useful the "PC mode"
sounds like, at least to me.  So why does an user even want to use
such a mechanism, instead of PS1?  And even if the user wants to use
it by doing \w, \u etc. himself, she can do that with

                PS1=$(printf "\u \h \w %s$ " $(__git_ps1 "%s"))

just fine, no?

So I still do not see the problem, even taking your "Set PS1 in the
command, without spitting anything out of the command" use case into

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