Angelo Borsotti <> writes:

>> You still didn't tell us where the problem was.
> I described it few mails above. I wanted to create an orphan branch.

And you did. The branch happens to point to the same commit as another
existing commit, but this is a very common situation. Try this:

# do arbitrary hacking and commit on branch master
git checkout -b new-branch

You will see branches "master" and "new-branch" pointing to the same
commit (but you HEAD points to new-branch, as "git branch" will tell

You still did not describe a _problem_. Up to now, the only "problem" I
see is that you have twice the same sha1 showing up, but you did not
describe somethine concrete that you wanted to do and did not work.

> However, the branch is not actually created until a commit is done on
> it.

Right, but the definition of "done" in your sentence includes "reusing
an object in the object database".

I just tried this:

rm -fr test
git init test
cd test
date > foo.txt
git add .
git commit --allow-empty -m foo
git checkout --orphan new-branch
git commit --allow-empty -m foo

I ended up with a branch "master" and a branch "new-branch", both
pointing to the same commit. The new branch _is_ created.

(BTW, --allow-empty is useless here as you have no parent)

Matthieu Moy
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