On 10/03/2012 03:47 PM, Alexander Kostikov wrote:
Expected behaviour:
- restore branch to pre-rebase location on out of memory exception
- not to fall with out of memory in the first place. But for our
repository that could be fixed only after either:
--- a) msysgit would have x64 binary (currently it's not available)
--- b) rebase -m option could be used by default somehow (currently
it's not possible so specify default -m)
There are already some logic in "rebase" that will handles failures. And in the case of failures, the behavior is that "rebase" will just stop and not modify the branch. That allows you can go back to the pre-rebase state by "rebase --abort".

In your case, it's possible that "rebase" is failing at unexpected places, and the error wasn't caught. I tried a few simple cases by forcing some commands to fail during a rebase, but I couldn't reproduce the behavior that you're having. It might help if we can figure out which part of "rebase" or "git" is failing (or running out of memory).

And since you're using msysgit, I guess another possible source of the problem is be that msysgit is not catching the error properly, or not relying the error back to git properly.
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