On 10/03/2012 06:35 PM, Alexander Kostikov wrote:
That allows you can go back to the pre-rebase state by
"rebase --abort".
rebase --abort command were not available. I guess rebase file was not created.
I meant "rebase --abort" would be available *if* the error was caught by "rebase". But in your case, "rebase" is probably dying somewhere and the error was not caught, causing "rebase" to think that everything completed successfully, and go ahead to update the branch.

Is there a way to include some log verbose mode to detect where
exactly error happens?
There isn't any built-in to git itself. But one way to get more info is running the rebase command this way:
    env SHELLOPTS="verbose" git rebase <your arguments>

That should print out every shell command that rebase executes. Having the last page of that output should give us enough context as to where it's failing.

Just a wild guess: rebase is probably failing at the "format-patch" command.
It'd also be interesting to see if "rebase -i" will also workaround the issue. But like you said, there's no way set "-i" or "-m" as the default.
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