Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy <> writes:

> "**" currently matches any characters including slashes. It's probably
> too powerful. A more sensible definition may be match any characters
> that the but the whole match must be wrapped by slashes. So "**" can
> match none, "/", "/aaa/", "/aa/bb/" and so on but not "aa/bb".

I do not think this is something we want to retroactively change
after releasing it to the public, especially when we _know_ it is a
problem from the get-go (unlike the case we did not notice it had a
problem, release it to the public and then realize it and have to
scramble to devise a fix to bring more sanity in a backward
compatible way).

We must either declare that "**" that matches any characters is the
sane semantics and promise we will never change it, or have "**"
that matches \(/[^/]*\)*/ (sorry for a line noise^W^W^Wregexp) from
the beginning.
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