Ramsay Jones <ram...@ramsay1.demon.co.uk> writes:

> The malloc checks can be disabled using the TEST_NO_MALLOC_CHECK
> variable, either from the environment or command line of an
> 'make test' invocation. In order to allow the malloc checks to be
> disabled from the 'config.mak' file, we add TEST_NO_MALLOC_CHECK
> to the environment using an export directive.

We would want to encourage people to test with cheap but effective
checks when available.  I do not see "malloc: using debugging hooks"
message anywhere when I run tests, but if you do, I'd rather see us
check if we can tell glibc to stop doing so first without disabling
the whole test.  Your patch feels like the first step to a slipperly
slope whose destination would make us say "we get too many messages
so let's do nothing in "make test" with this configuration." when
taken to the extreme, and obviously we would not want to go there

Elia, you brought the MALLOC_CHECK_ up.  Did you hear about this
issue elsewhere before, and if you did, do you know how other
projects solves it?

Besides, doesn't a simple instruction to export TEST_NO_MALLOC_CHECK
to your environment before running "make test" suffice?

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