There are "patched QT" and "unpatched QT" versions of wkhtmltopdf
(see I am using V0.9.9 for Windows
which is "patched QT".

There is one drawback with wkhtmltopdf: At least on my Netbook (Win7 64bit,
Pentium 1.5GHz) it is very slow. It takes more than 3 hrs to create git-doc.pdf.

If you want to have a quick look on the resulting pdf just clone This repo contains
a current version of user.manual.pdf and git-doc.pdf 

----- Original Nachricht ----
Von:     Jeff King <>
An:      Thomas Ackermann <>
Datum:   06.10.2012 21:32
Betreff: Re: [Patch 0/5] Create single PDF for all HTML files

> On Sat, Oct 06, 2012 at 05:51:15PM +0200, Thomas Ackermann wrote:
> > I wanted to have a single PDF file which contains the complete Git
> documentation 
> > (except user-manual) for easier reading on my tablet. The simplest way to
> do 
> > this was by using wkhtmltopdf which can combine a set of HTML files into a
> sinlge 
> > PDF file and also apply some reformatting. To this end HTML files for all
> the missing 
> > files in Documentation/technical and Documentation/howto and also for all
> the 
> > release notes in Documentation/RelNotes were created. 
> It seems like a reasonable goal. I do not have a strong opinion on the
> approach or how the final output looks, but I wasn't able to actually
> get output at all after applying your patches. Running "make fullpdf"
> (after installing dblatex) got me:
>   The switch --book, is not support using unpatched qt, and will be
>   ignored.The switch --footer-html, is not support using unpatched qt,
>   and will be ignored.The switch --disable-external-links, is not
>   support using unpatched qt, and will be ignored.
> after which wkhtmltopdf began pegging my CPU. I let it run for 10
> minutes before giving up.
> Another way of doing this would be to format the individual troff
> manpages into dvi or postscript, convert that into pdf, and then
> concatenate that. Something like:
>   for i in *.[157]; do
>     man -Tdvi -l "$i" >"$i.dvi"
>     dvipdfm "$i"
>   done
>   pdftk *.[157].pdf cat output full.pdf
> works for me, though obviously that does not handle some of the non-man
> items you included. No idea on how the output compares to yours, but
> it's something you may want to look at.
> -Peff

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