Junio C Hamano venit, vidit, dixit 07.10.2012 22:53:
> Jeff King <p...@peff.net> writes:
>> [1] I would not be surprised if they do not actually format all that
>>     well. Though they are written in an asciidoc-ish style, they have
>>     not traditionally been formatted, and I suspect there are many small
>>     errors (like improper quoting of metacharacters) in them.
> They aren't even "errors". As far as I (who writes the release
> notes) am concerned, they are straight text without any asciidoc
> or markdown mark-up.

I'm wondering: If it's neither markdown nor markup then what is it:
marklevel, markeven or markstraight?

Seriously, if Thomas converts them into asciidoc it's an added benefit
(and I don't think you'd have to change your writing by much), but
RelNotes should not be in the standard make target.

On a different note: Is pdf really the format of choice for mobile
platforms? I'd expect something that is "formatted" (markup) but can
reflow text intrinsically, not only by making your pdf reader jump
through hoops. HTML?


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