Angelo Borsotti <> writes:

> If they are specified after -b, the command seems to behave as if -b
> was not specified, e.g.:
> $ git checkout -b --no-track topic remotes/origin/master

-b requires an argument <new_branch>, which you specify as --no-track
here.  <start_point> is topic, and the rest is interpreted as <paths>.

> fatal: git checkout: updating paths is incompatible with switching branches.

This error is detected before validating <new_branch>.

> while if they are specified before -b the command behaves properly, e.g.
> $ git checkout --no-track -b topic remotes/origin/master
> Switched to a new branch 'topic'

You can also specify --no-track after -b (and its argument):

$ git checkout -b topic --no-track remotes/origin/master


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