Hi Junio

> It is not difficult.  The discussion on this list is usually done
> via patches, and without one, constant talking is buried in other
> noise and often go unnoticed.

Could you accept for very small changes also the simple indication of
the change itself instead of a patch?

> There is however an issue about documentation consistency.  Do we
> use elsewhere ( A | B | C ... ) to denote "You must write one (and
> only one) among A, B, C, ..." consistently in the documentation?

There is no standard for it. Posix provides a standard for commands:


but does not mention (normal) parentheses to indicate choice.
There is one applicable standard for this, though, the ISO 14977:


which gives parentheses "()" the meaning of grouping (and then with "|"
inside them, the meaning of choice).
Parentheses are used in:

    - git branch
    - git commit
    - git reset
    - git remote
    - git submodule
    - git bisect
    - git grep
    - git am
    - git apply
    - git format-patch
    - git cat-file
    - git commit-tree
    - git rev-list
    - git update-index

I did not find in the documentation an explanation of the use of
parentheses, but
to me they seem to have been used consistently.

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