Hi list,

I am using gitweb, git-daemon and gitolite on my Debian Squeeze server.
I have some repositories however that I do not want to be available to
the public (currently, that is gitolite-admin only). Those repositories
do not have a "git-daemon-export-ok" file, and the gitweb config contains

# path to git projects (<project>.git)
$projectroot = "/home/git/repositories";
# only show repos which allow daemon access
$export_ok = "git-daemon-export-ok";

I am also using pathinfo to get prettier URLs. However, if I now try to
access gitolite-admin.git in the browser, I get "404 Project Not Found".
If I try to access some repository which dos not actually exist, I am
redirected to the project index. This way, the existence of hidden
repositories is disclosed.

The problem is in the function evaluate_path_info which uses
check_head_link to find out which part of the URL is the project.
Replacing this by check_export_ok fixes the problem.

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