Am 11.10.2012 17:39, schrieb Enrico Weigelt:
> The main goal of this filtering is splitting out many modules from a
> large upstream repo into their own downstream repos.
> The next step I have in mind is using --subdirectory-filter, but open
> questsions are:
> * does it suffer from the same problems w/ empty username/email like 
> --tree-filter ?

I think so.

> ** if yes: what can I do about it (have an additional pass for fixing that 
> before
>    running the --tree-filter ?

Use --env-filter.

> * can I somehow teach the --subdirectory filter to place the result under some
>   somedir instead of directly to root ?

No, but see the last example in the man page.

> * can I use --tree-filter in combination with --subdireectory-filter ? 
>   which one is executed first ?

Yes. --subdirectory-filter applies first.

-- Hannes

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