> The usual advice is "use an index-filter instead".  It's *much*
> faster
> than a tree filter.  However:

I've tried the last example from git-filter-branch manpage, but failed.
Seems like the GIT_INDEX_FILE env variable doesnt get honoured by
git-update-index, no index.new file created, and so mv call fails.

My second try (as index-filter command) was:

git ls-files -s > ../_INDEX_TMP
cat ../_INDEX_TMP |
    sed "s-\t\"*-&addons/-" |
    git update-index --index-info
rm -f ../_INDEX_TMP

It works fine in the worktree (i see files renamed in the index),
but no success when running it as --index-filter. Seems the index
file isn't used at all (or some completely different one).

By the way, inside the index filter, GIT_INDEX_FILTER here is


Obviously a different (temporary) index file, while many examples
on the web, suggesting to use commands like 'git add --cached' or
'git rm --cached' _without_ passing GIT_INDEX_FILTER variable.

Could there be some bug that this variable isn't honored properly
everywhere ?

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