Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> It is technically allowed, as per C89, for functions' return type to
> be complete structs (i.e. *not* just pointers to structs).
> However, it was just an oversight of this developer when converting
> Python code to C code in 6d297f8 (Status update on merge-recursive in
> C, 2006-07-08) which introduced such a return type.
> Besides, by converting this construct to pass in the struct, we can now
> start returning a value that can indicate errors in future patches. This
> will help the current effort to libify merge-recursive.c.

I do not think returning a small struct by value is unconditionally
a bad thing, but I do agree with you that this change makes the 
resulting code much easier to read, especially once this starts
returning errors.


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