Johannes Schindelin <> wrote:

Agreed on all above points :>

> On Thu, 4 Aug 2016, Eric Wong wrote:
> > Of course, centralized systems are unacceptable to me;
> > and with that I'll never claim any network service I run
> > will be reliable :)
> Hehehe. I guess that's why the public-inbox is backed by a Git
> repository... BTW is it auto-mirrored anywhere?

Yep, and the code is AGPL so others can always replicate it.

I just have the onions mentioned at the bottom of the HTML pages
running something like:

        torsocks git fetch && public-inbox-index && sleep 30

in a loop[1].


I do encourage anybody who is able to, to run their own mirrors
(off their existing email subscription) so my MX doesn't become
an SPOF, either.  I sorta documented it in my original announcement:

Feel free to ask me (+ for
install/running questions related to public-inbox
(haven't gotten to making it work outside of Debian stable, though).

[1] one of my far-off goals for git be: "git fetch --wait-for-update"
    to avoid needless wakeups
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