On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 10:00:00AM +0000, Stefan Beller wrote:
> But both send-email as well as mail-patch-series as well as git-series
> are all about the *sending* part. Not about the back and forth part, i.e.
> these don't deal with: "here is a fixup on top". And by that I mean
> receiving mails and applying them. git-am is there as a front-end
> once you obtained the mail, but from what I get, your original problem
> is to get up to date with the latest state, that is either in pu or a proposed
> fixup mail on top of your series?

git-series, at least, is intended to handle the back-and-forth: if you
actually publish the series and not just the final result, someone could
pull the series, make a (non-fast-forwarding) change to that, make a new
series commit, and publish their modified version of your series.  You
could then incorporate that change.  One of the use cases I developed it
for was collaborative development of a patch series.

(That workflow still needs a lot more tool assistance to become fully
usable, not least of which to assist with the process of merging changes
to the series.  Working on that.)
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