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> Unfortunately it is hard for me to test a one-off, as running it locally
> is a complete pain. Stefan set it up long ago to pull "pu" and email out
> the results from their central servers, so I just scan those emails for
> things that look like real issues.

I am glad this provides actual value. :)
(I tend to ignore the emails nowadays as I am focusing on other stuff.
I'll get back to down the number issues eventually, I promise ;)

Running one offs is "relatively" easy.
I did that for other projects once upon a time.
Here is my script to run the build:

    . .profile

    cd coverity/git
    git clean -dfx
    git fetch --all
    git checkout origin/pu
    git am ../git_strbuf_stop_out_of_bounds_coverity.patch

    descrip="scripted upload scanning github.com/gitster/git pu"
    name=$(git describe)

    cov-build --dir cov-int make
    tar czvf git-${name}.tgz cov-int

    curl --form project=git \
      --form token=<sekret> \
      --form email=<my mail address> \
      --form file=@git-${name}.tgz \
      --form version="${name}" \
      --form description="${descrip}" \

    git clean -dfx

You can get a token if you look around, e.g. at
and the email address is the one you signed up with
coverity (or the one from Github, if signed up via Github)

I am currently applying one patch on top of pu,
(id: 1434536209-31350-1-git-send-email-pclo...@gmail.com
I can resend if you don't have that.)

I am running this script as a cron job, but it can be run "as is"
as well, you'd just need to toss in the one-off test patch.

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