Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

>> After
>> all, somebody in this file is already scanning each and every line
>> to see where it ends to split the input into records, so perhaps a
>> "right" (if the "theoretical correctness" of the return value from
>> this function mattered, which you wave-away below) optimization
>> could be to precompute it while the lines are broken into records
>> and store it in the "rec" structure?
> That would certainly be possible, and would help in cases where there
> are a lot of lines with lots of leading whitespace. You could get nearly
> the same benefit by recording a single bit in struct rec, indicating
> whether the line is blank or not.
> But it wouldn't help the worst case described above, where each call to
> `git_indent()` is already very cheap. And I didn't think it was worth
> allocating the extra memory to optimize this heuristic


> I don't know. It seems like a pretty contrived justification for what is
> basically, "your input is too weird for us. We're not going to break our
> necks trying to give you the best possible slider positioning."

True again.
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