Stefan Beller <> writes:

> I have just reread the scoring function and I think you could pull out the
> `score=indent` assignment (it is always assigned except for indent <0)
>         if (indent == -1)
>                score = 0;
>         else
>                score = indent;
>         ... lots of bonus computation below, which in its current 
> implementation
>         have lots of "score = indent;" lines as well.

Yup.  If each part in this if/else if/... cascade independently sets
complete information (i.e. both "bonus" and "score") necessary for
the final result, then I do not mind the same "score = indent" in
many of them (these case happen to get the same score), but that is
not what we have in this code (i.e. "bonus" has a shared component
that is not affected by thie if/else if/ cascade), so setting score
to indent upfront and reset it to 0 only on a blank line would make
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