On 08/10/2016 06:41 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Jeff Hostetler <g...@jeffhostetler.com> writes:
Having said all that, it is OK to fix their titles after the current
9-patch series lands on 'next'; incremental refinements are easier
on reviewers than having to review too many rerolls.

I'll change the test titles to have all that info.

OK.  As I said, if the retitling is the only change, then doing so
as a follow-up to the existing 9-patch series would be easier to
review.  If there are other changes needed, a reroll of the full set
is probably better.

I've changed the titles and added 5 or 6 more tests to
cover your previous questions/comments, but no code changes.

This is a small point, but doesn't the lowercase 'u' somehow look
ugly, especially because the status letters that immediately follow
it are all uppercase?

Since we are inventing a new format and my column 1 is completely new
I didn't think it mattered.

Wrong assumption ;-)  We want the resulting code to be consistent.

And I used a lowercase 'u' to distinguish
it from the "U" in the X and Y columns since they mean different

I thought they both mean "Unmerged"; that is why I thought seeing a
lowercase there was very strange.

For unmerged items, the X & Y columns in the original porcelain
format, can have various combinations of "A", "D", and "U" values.
The implication being that "U" means modified/edited in some way.
Yes, it is labeled "unmerged", but in a "DU" or "UD" conflict, it
means that one side deleted it and one side modified it in some way.
A "UU" conflict means both sides edited it and auto-merge failed.

All I wanted the lowercase 'u' to indicate was that the file was
in an unmerged state (without specifying why).  That is, we would
have (the 7 valid combinations of) "u [ADU][ADU]" and it would be
clear(er?) that the little 'u' was different from the other 2.

I know it is a subtle point and we can change it if you want, but
that was the rationale.


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