This mainly affects the folks following the top-level
Atom feed at
or over NNTP.

There'll be over 5000K injected messages from 2006 I missed from
the initial import :x

I noticed this while adding gmane:NNNN mapping support to the
search engine:

There will still be some missing messages because some are spam. remains up if you want to check my work
(please do, because I am careless)

Also, the following two .onions are geographically separate
so it should remain up if the main server at
http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/git/ goes down.  These two are
on better hardware than the main one:


Users without tor installed may use one of the MITM proxies at
run by, too.

And yes, I break stuff all the time and often run barely-tested
development code on my server(s) :>

Finally, HTTPS termination for is provided by
yahns, a Ruby/Rack server: git clone git://
(more barely-tested code running off ruby/trunk)
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