Eric Wong <> writes:

> There'll be over 5000K injected messages from 2006 I missed from
> the initial import :x
> I noticed this while adding gmane:NNNN mapping support to the
> search engine:
> There will still be some missing messages because some are spam.
> remains up if you want to check my work
> (please do, because I am careless)

Thanks for doing this.

I wanted to try out your NTTP service, but it took me a while to dig
in my inbox to find your announcement of that
hosts inbox.comp.version-control.git "newsgroup".  Is it possible to
make this a bit more discoverable, or there is not enough NNTP
audience these days to warrant such an addition?  I first went to as I expected there may be some pointers
to other instances of the service, where you list the "git clone"
URL of the archive.

By the way, it felt quite strange to see messages from 8 years ago
mixed with more recent messages when I gold Gnus to fetch the most
recent 333 messages (and of course that fetches 333 messages with
largest message numbers, not sorted by "Date:").  I am assuming that
this is an artifact of "over 5k injected messages" bundle that was
added out of order.

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