Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> New Features
>   • Comes with Git 2.9.3.

For future reference, what time (in UTC) of the day is convenient
for you to see an upstream tarball?

>   • Sports a new --smudge option for git cat-file that lets it pass
>     blob contents through smudge filters configured for the specified
>     path.

Perhaps we want to upstream this, together with a new "--clean"
option for git hash-object?

And after writing all of the above, I noticed that hash-object by
default uses the clean machinery and that can be turned off by
giving the "--no-filters" option.  The reason why the option is not
called "--no-clean" is because it is not just about the clean filter
but is about using the entirety of convert_to_git() filter chain.

We probably should teach "hash-objects" to take "--filters" for

And then your "git cat-file" patch can be upstreamed with the option
renamed to (or with an additional synonym) "--filters", which would
make things consistent.


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