Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

>> And then your "git cat-file" patch can be upstreamed with the option
>> renamed to (or with an additional synonym) "--filters", which would make
>> things consistent.
> Right. I would like to ask for a `--smudge` synonym nevertheless, just
> because I already use this. On the other hand, it is early enough to tell
> everybody who knows about this feature to change their invocation (anybody
> who would know about `--smudge` would be in that 1% of users that have
> read the release notes, so most likely would read the next release notes,
> too).

It is OK if it were your private edition, but you end up hurting
your users if you need to redo the feature differently.

That's the price of your using open source and taking a short-cut.
Adding a "--smudge" synonym is spreading the same hurt to outside
your fork.  Let's see if we can avoid doing that.  Perhaps mark that
"--smudge" as experimental-and-subject-to-change and re-announce?

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