"Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

> The other option is to simply build a guide-list in exactly the same
> format as the command list (which if it works can be merged
> later). Re-use the existing code, etc.

Yeah, that sounds like a good way to go forward.  To implement typo
correction for "git help <guidename>", having guide-list would be
very useful.

A related tangent is that I think "git <guide> --help" shouldn't
fall back to "git help <guide>", regardless of typo correction.  It
happens to "work" only because we blindly turned "<w> --help" to
"help <w>" without even checking what <w> is.  Making it stop
"working" would be a bugfix.

And having both command and guide list would be helpful to prevent
"git <guide> --help" from falling back to "git help <guide>".
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