Eric Wong <> wrote:
> Currently for web users, I suggest:
>       curl $URL >tmpXXX
>       # open tmpXXXX and tag+copy to patchesXXX using MUA of choice:
>       # (also seems to be what Jeff describes):
>       mutt -f tmpXXX
>       git am patchesXXXX

I should add this is also a better match to an "offline first"
workflow for disconnected use.  My Internet connections drop
all the time :<

I don't mind people over-downloading at all, and stuffing an
extra cover + comments is likely more efficient with gzip than
going back online to fetch separately.

> Perhaps adding checkbox next to each item might work as a
> select-to-include-in-mbox download form.

...So I'm not sure if I want to invest time into this idea
since either the server or user could be offline by the
time messages are selected.
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