Hi Stefan,

On Tue, 16 Aug 2016, Stefan Beller wrote:

> > BTW in light of the discussion we are having elsewhere I just need to
> > point out that it was *dramatically* faster for me to edit run-command.c,
> > find "hooks/" and adjust the code manually than it would have been to save
> > the diff and apply it.
> >
> > That's because I do not have advanced tooling on top of email (and I also
> > could not handle mutt, so I am stuck with a not-really-scriptable email
> > client).
> >
> > Just sayin'.
> I ran into the same problem, just for a larger patch, so I figured I can
> download that from the public inbox and git-am it locally.
> So I maneuvered to the cover letter of the patch series I am interested in[1]
> and downloaded the series as a mbox.gz[2].

Maybe you can adapt the script I had written to perform that magic for


The relevant part is the one between the lines 48--72, where it detects
0/N mails and then looks for the first children containing k/N for k=1..N.

BTW I take this thread as yet another proof that people are unhappy with
mail list-based review: if you have to build *that much* tooling around it
(and Peff & Junio certainly have a megaton of advanced and sophisticated
tooling around it, holy cow!) it is really incorrect to state that the
mail list-driven approach works for you. It is much closer to the truth to
say that the mail-list-plus-loads-of-custom-tools-driven approach works
for you.

I am really not a fan of this.

The theory "it's inclusive because everyone has access to mail" falls on
its face, badly, when even old timers have to build entire infrastructures
around it just to begin to be able to use it efficiently.

It reminds me of an old software developer I met long ago, who claimed CVS
works for him. He had written tens of thousands of lines of shell scripts,
is what allowed "CVS" to work for him.

Same here. Old dogs claim the mail list-approach works for them. Nope.
Doesn't. Else you would not have written all those custom scripts.

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