On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 09:19:35PM +0100, Luis Gutierrez wrote:
> > Thoughts?  Would you be interested in helping work up a patch
> > for this idea?  At a minimum we should also write a test case in
> > t/t7610-mergetool.sh to verify that it works as advertised.
> ....
> > Why not reuse the existing diff.orderFile config variable?  (Also
> > supported by the -O option to git-diff).
> I'll be happy to write a testcase, and to re-use the -O
> (diff.orderFile config var) option to git-diff as sugguested by John
> Keeping.
> Is this the final spec?
> I'll be happy to do that.
> Luis

Hmm, I do like the idea of reusing the diff orderFile, but a
mechanism for sorting arbitrary inputs based on the orderFile
isn't currently exposed in a way that mergetool could use it.

Looking at the code in mergetool, we basically need something
that has the same spec as "sort" itself, namely that it can take
arbitrary arbitrary input on stdin and sort it.

Implementing the orderFile support would probably be best done
in C.  Would we want to expose it as an internal helper?

        git diff--order-helper <order-file>

could be used to perform the sorting.

But, that sort is honestly kinda crude.  It can't implement the
interesting case where we want bar.h to sort before bar.c but
not foo.h.

If we did the sort option, we could have both.


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