Am 17.08.2016 um 03:25 schrieb David Aguilar:
Hmm, I do like the idea of reusing the diff orderFile, but a
mechanism for sorting arbitrary inputs based on the orderFile
isn't currently exposed in a way that mergetool could use it.

Instead of using 'git ls-files -u | sed ... | sort -u' you could use

  git diff-files --name-status -O... | sed -ne '/^U/s/^..//p'

But, that sort is honestly kinda crude.  It can't implement the
interesting case where we want bar.h to sort before bar.c but
not foo.h.

If we did the sort option, we could have both.

I don't think that we need a new filter when the diff machinery is capable of re-ordering files. We should enhance the diff machinery instead.

-- Hannes

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