Remi Galan Alfonso <>

> I tried to see if the `git config` in other tests were in the
> same case or not but the sheer amount made me reconsider. However
> taking a look at a couple of random ones, there are some scripts
> that would benefit from the conversion.

Yes, that is why I said "it is a good idea to do this where
necessary, but the test Dscho touched here does not need it".
It is a given that there are tons of "git config" users as
we have a lot more tests that were written before test_config
was invented.

It is good to occasionally modernise ancient tests; we usually do so
when we need to make some other changes to them (e.g. I added a
feature, and wanted to add a couple of new tests, but I found it
unreadable and unmaintainable because it kept the ancient style, so
I am updating the existing tests to more modern style first before
doing my changes--and then do my changes on top of the cleaned up

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