My use case is that I do a merge from branch A to branch B. Branch A
modified a file which is already deleted on B some time before the

When I do a `git status -sb`, these locally deleted but remotely
modified files show up as "DU".

I want to invoke git status or diff (or something else) to get a list
of these specific conflicts (locally deleted, remotely modified). I
tried this:

$ git diff --diff-filter=D --name-status

This gave me no results. I also tried adding --cached, didn't make a
difference. If I just do this:

$ git diff --name-status

This lists those files as just U instead of DU. So I'm not sure where
the "D" is coming from in this case.

Is there a way I can get a list of these specific conflicts? I'd like
to rely on working/index status for this if possible, since as I
resolve these conflicts I want the list to shorten and only show
unresolved conflicts of this type. Which rules out a diff range
between B...A that I could do.
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