Robert Dailey <> writes:

> My use case is that I do a merge from branch A to branch B. Branch A
> modified a file which is already deleted on B some time before the
> merge.
> When I do a `git status -sb`, these locally deleted but remotely
> modified files show up as "DU".
> I want to invoke git status or diff (or something else) to get a list
> of these specific conflicts (locally deleted, remotely modified).

As far as "git diff [--cached]" (which is "compare HEAD with the
working tree through index") is concerned, these paths are in the
"U"nmerged category, so you'd give "U" to diff-filter to view them.
Of course, that would give you other kinds of unmerged entries.

If you know they show up as DU, why not "grep DU" in that output?
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