W dniu 18.08.2016 o 00:41, Junio C Hamano pisze:
> Tobiah <t...@tobiah.org> writes:

> [...] the next question is if you commit all the
> changes you made before you leave the 'desktop'. [...]
> If the answer is "yes", then you are in the problem space that
> Git-the-tool is interested in solving.  Assuming that you have
> network connection into 'desktop' from 'home', the solution would
> involve making it the first thing to do when get home to run "git
> fetch" on 'home' to get the latest state from the 'desktop', and run
> "git push" on 'home' to push out the latest state to the 'desktop'
> before you leave 'home'.  If your 'server' is for your sole use, and
> if 'home' has network connection into 'server', then you could
> instead rendezvous at 'server' by running "git push server" on
> 'desktop' (or 'home') to 'server' as the last thing before you leave
> 'desktop' (or 'home'), and running "git fetch server" on 'home' (or
> 'desktop') as the first thing before you start working on 'home' (or
> 'desktop').

Two additional comments:

* First, `--mirror` might be what the relation between 'desktop'
  and 'home' repositories should be.

* Second, even if you can connect only from 'home' to 'desktop',
  but not from 'desktop' to 'home', the refspec mechanism of Git
  is flexible enough that you can emulate 'push' with 
  appropriately configured 'fetch', and vice versa.

Jakub Narębski

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