On 08/17/2016 03:41 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Tobiah <t...@tobiah.org> writes:

In other words, I want to work from different machines, and always
sit down to the environment exactly as I last left it.

You have several options, but it depends on untold expectations you
have beyond "exactly as I last left it."  So the following is only
to show directions and possibilities without going into details.

For example, do you save all changes you made in your editor buffers
before you leave the 'desktop'?  If the answer is "no", then that is
not a problem Git-the-tool is interested in solving, and the only
solution I could think of is to use mechanism to share the session
between 'desktop' and 'home', using things like remote-desktop or
screen session.

If the answer is "yes", the next question is if you commit all the
changes you made before you leave the 'desktop'.  If the answer is
"no", again, that is not a problem Git-the-tool is interested in
solving, and the only solution I could think of (in addition to the
"share the session" above) is to use networked filesystem shared
between 'desktop' and 'home'.

If the answer is "yes", then you are in the problem space that
Git-the-tool is interested in solving.  Assuming that you have
network connection into 'desktop' from 'home', the solution would
involve making it the first thing to do when get home to run "git
fetch" on 'home' to get the latest state from the 'desktop', and run
"git push" on 'home' to push out the latest state to the 'desktop'
before you leave 'home'.  If your 'server' is for your sole use, and
if 'home' has network connection into 'server', then you could
instead rendezvous at 'server' by running "git push server" on
'desktop' (or 'home') to 'server' as the last thing before you leave
'desktop' (or 'home'), and running "git fetch server" on 'home' (or
'desktop') as the first thing before you start working on 'home' (or

I've done a poor job of expressing my need.  I'm only
speaking about the state of each git project directory.
Shared sessions or filesystems are not what I'm loolking

As far as the master branch goes, I have no problem syncing
everything to the server, then pulling to a different
machine.  When I said I want everything to be the same
between the home and work machines, I meant with regard to
all of the other branches.  I want to easily create an
entire movable git environment that is indistinguishable
from machine to machine.

It looks like --mirror is close to what I am looking for.

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