On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 02:46:28PM +0200, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> With this patch, --batch can be combined with --textconv or --filters.
> For this to work, the input needs to have the form
>       <object name><single white space><path>
> so that the filters can be chosen appropriately.

The object name can have spaces in it, too. E.g.:

  HEAD:path with spaces

or even:

  :/grep for this

(as was pointed out to me when I tried to turn on %(rest) handling by
default, long ago). How do those work with your patch?

It looks like the extra split isn't enabled unless one of those options
is selected. Since --filters is new, that's OK for backwards
compatibility. But --textconv isn't. So I think:

  echo "HEAD:path with spaces" |
  git cat-file --textconv --batch

is regressed by this patch.

I wonder if we need an option specifically to say "the object name can
be split". Right now it kicks in automatically if you use "%(rest)" in
your format, but you might not care about passing along that output
(e.g., a lot of times I am piping "rev-list" straight to cat-file, and I
have to use a separate "cut" to throw away the pathnames).

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