Jeff King <> writes:

>> Sorry, Torsten, this is not my doing. So I cannot explain why it is not an
>> enum.
>> I *guess* the rationale for 'c' being the cmdmode of --textconv is "c for
>> convert". That is why I chose "w as in worktree" as new cmdmode.
> I think it started as a 'char' because it was representing the
> single-letter options of "cat-file -e", "cat-file -s", etc. And then the
> textconv patches started the monstrosity of "c".

I think it was merely 't' was taken for "-t" (one beauty of using
the OPT_CMDMODE for options with shorthand is that we do not need
any enum, as the short-form options already form an enum), so
"textConv" was the compromise.  It could have been 'T' or even \C-t

> I don't think cleaning it up needs to be part of your series, but it
> might be nice low-hanging fruit for somebody to clean up on top.

I agree.

I briefly wondered if we want to add a check to ensure uniqueness of
these cmdmode letters in parse_options_check(), but that would
forbid us from having synonymous options (e.g. "am --continue" and
"am --resolved" both map to the same), so it would not work.

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