W dniu 22.08.2016 o 15:18, Johannes Schindelin pisze:

> So unfortunately this thread has devolved. Which is sad. Because all I
> wanted is to have a change in Git's submission process that would not
> exclude *so many* developers. That is really all I care about. Not about
> tools. Not about open vs proprietary, or standards.
> I just want developers who are already familiar with Git, and come up with
> an improvement to Git itself, to be able to contribute it without having
> to pull out their hair in despair.

What is lacking in using submitGit tool for those that have problems
with sending patches via email?

Submitting changes in Git comes in three phases:
 - submit email with patches
 - review and discuss patch
 - apply patches from email

Pull request via GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab is easier than sending
patches via email (pity that GitHub et al. do not have such submitGit-like
automation built-in).  But I think email, with threaded view, careful
trimming of quoted contents, multi-level quotes is superior to exiting
web-based solutions.

Jakub Narębski

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