Hi, I'm getting very often, but not always, with many different
projects using submodules, the message:

  The following submodule paths contain changes that can
  not be found on any remote:

  Please try

        git push --recurse-submodules=on-demand

  or cd to the path and use

        git push

  to push them to a remote.

  fatal: Aborting.

This even happens after doing a:

git submodule deinit <module>
rm -fr <module>
rm -fr .git/modules/<module>
git submodule update --init

So I am getting the reference from the remote, but when pushing a new
change (that doesn't touch the submodules) I keep getting this error.

I tried to get more information about why this is happening but I
couldn't. Googling didn't help either, so I'm resorting to ask here.

I would also like to report a tiny bug, when using push --quiet, I do
get all the message above except for the <module> name, which is quite

$ git --version
git version 2.9.3

(running under Ubuntu 14.04)

Please CC me, and thanks a lot in advance!

Leandro Lucarella
Technical Development Lead
Sociomantic Labs GmbH <http://www.sociomantic.com>
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